Thursday, 12 May 2011

UK - Southampton

"There is a collective still active (kind of) called the STE (Southampton Totton Eastleigh). They've been putting on shows since the 80's, I won't pretend to know a great amount about their history but I know they're good guys and still do full/half day events at a pub called the Hobbit. They used to do a bulletin but I haven't seen it in a while and they are so old school I believe they stay away from blogging and facebook in favour of more grass roots but they can be found on the South Coast HQ forum along with other DIY fans/promoters from Portsmouth.

In the meantime, as a contrast, there's some great bands slipping into a club called Unit, Iron Chic and Title fight will be playing soon, The Lawrence arms and Smoke or Fire have played there in the past, so very current stuff coming through the city there.

Also a small pub in town called Goblets has been host to some pretty cool floor shows organized by some pro active kids at Solent Uni, the shows are ridiculous because it's tiny but I remember checking out a show for The Hard Way and Abolition and it was intense.

So, in my opinion we're spoiled, the history of punk in Southampton is vast and colourful to say the least :)"

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