Saturday, 7 May 2011

Australia 2

Australia 1

"Some old bands to check out:

Pure Evil Trio (Sydney) noise

Stockholm Syndrome (Sydney) hardcore

The Undersided (Sydney) punk rock

Unpaid Debt (Sydney) punk

Frenzal Rhomb (Sydney) punk

Schifosi (Melbourne) crust punk

Abc Weapons (Melbourne) crust punk

Pisschrist (Melbourne) punk

Straightjacket Nation (Melbourne) hardcore punk

The Kill (Melbourne) grind

H-Block 101 (Melbourne) ska punk

Area 7 (Melbourne) ska punk

Draft Dodger (Brisbane) hardcore

Short Straw Warfare (Brisbane) hardcore punk

Just Say Go (Brisbane) hardcore

The Bigots (Canberra) punk

Anti Fish (Canberra) punk

Hard Luck (Canberra) hardcore

Captain Cleanoff (Adelaide/Melbourne) grindcore

Topnovil (Wollongong) punk

The Plague (Wollongong) power violence

Australian hardcore punk website resources:

Bombshell zine

Kill Your Stereo

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