Sunday, 12 June 2011

Belgium - Brussels

“The bands below are in my opinion the belgian bands that gave a boost to the hardcore/metalcore scene in Belgium.

Arkangel - founded in 1997


Length of Time


Liar - a very well-known band from Flanders

Officer Jones and his Patrol Car Problems

Rise and Fall

The Setup

And THE most known metal-band from Belgium back in the day…

Aborted - now featuring more US artists.You can find a bunch of information on them on the internet for sure!

At a later stage the metal band The End Off All Reason from Brussels came up, today it features bass player Svenchi, ex-Aborted. Check them out for sure!

Today the belgian hardcore scene is no longer biggest in Brussels. It became bigger in the Flanders-West and Limburg area.

The scene in Brussels is still alive, but the young dedicated guys became older and it seems that the youth of today no longer holds onto the old-school hardcore scene.

New things have come and One Ethic is a band hanging between the old scene and new. In 2010 they were able to release their first full CD on I For Us Records. Their bandcamp is worth checking.

Disobedience Distribution is one of the activities of the Disobedience Collective. They consist of a group of people who run the Disobedience webzine, release records through the hardcore label I For Us Records and book shows with their booking agency Disobedience Booking.

They have been part of the hardcore scene for many years by playing in bands, put up a distro or writing for various webzines. They support the hardcore scene and try to bring attention towards bands and subjects that deserve it!

The web-store helps bands to promote themselves and sell their music to a large amount of listeners. Not only label releases are distributed, but also auto-productions from bands that don’t have the support they need. The catalogue is constantly growing and they want to become a reliable and varied source of hardcore-related music.”

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