Sunday, 26 June 2011

Saint-Petersburg, Russia (Part 3)

Saint-Petersburg, Russia (Part 2)

"One of the best Russian Hardcore bands. Members of Sandinista positioned themselves as “Dark Hardcore”. The band split up because of the murder of Timur Kacharava who was the guitarist of Sandinista. The tragedy occurred at 13 November 2005 when group of neo-nazis attacked Timur and his friends. Timur was a member of antifascist and anarchist community of Saint-Petersburg. His words have become some kind of hymn of the Russian Hardcore community – “Who if not we? When if not now?”. Sandinista recorded an album “Libertad Tu Eres Mi Cuerpo”

Cut’n’Run was formed in Spring 2004. Influenced by Trash Horror movies and such bands as Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits, Reaching Forward and Shark Attack they recorded a 5-song demo which has got positive responses. From that moment Cut’n’Run started an active concert life and wrote some new songs that were released on a split CD with band Vyshka! Next record was released in April 2006 – another split, now with German band Tackleberry. The next year Cut’n’run released another demo. They split up in Autumn 2008, after releasing their final 11-song recording.

A band formed by members of 5 Uglov, ‘Til I Die, Engage at Will, What We Feel. Next Round plays Old School NYHC. Formed in 2004 they released 2 albums Moi Udej’deniya (My Beliefs) and Svyataya Krov’ Trebuet Vozmezdiya (Holy Blood Demands Revenge). One of the most experienced bands in the Russian scene.

The Saint-Petersburg-Kronstadt band Engage at Will was founded in 2003 from the splinters of 2 groups: hardcore-pioneers ‘Til I Die (Saint-Petersburg) & Da Kuchy (Kronstadt). They are playing straight & powerful hardcore which combines melodic lines & metalized riffs, supplemented with street’s well-written lyrics. In 2006 the band recorded the album “Pravosudie” (“Justice”) self-released on their own label EAW records. In 2008 EAW recorded a “2 way split” CD with Moscow band xHARAMx which was released on EAW records & Moscow sXe label xHARDTIMESx

Young Hardcore band with tough guitar sound and straight lyrics about life on the street. Wins’ Pain formed by members of Komatoz, AntiPerfect and Two Minutes Older. They released a self-titled EP in 2010.

Self-Defense are a Tough Metal/Hardcore band formed in late 2008. They released an EP “Justification” and now they are writing material for LP.

Band formed in spring 2008 by former members of Cut’n’Run. The Rave plays Modern Hardcore with some 90’s New School influences. Released album and played show in support of their new EP “Club 27” in May with At Daggers Drawn.

Black Sheep are a Modern Hardcore band with The Effort, More Than Life influences. Existed from 2009 till 2010, played a few shows, released demo and then unfortunately split up.

Formed in 2008 Part of You played Youth Crew Hardcore, they released a demo in 2009. Unfortunately now band don’t exist."

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  1. Thanx for this, if only the bands in my country played hc like the Russians nowadays!