Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Saint-Petersburg, Russia (Part 2)

Saint-Petersburg, Russia (Part 1)

"One of the oldest Saint-Petersburg Old School Hardcore bands. Formed in 1993 Marraderi (Маррадёры, Marauders) firstly were a punk band, but someday their frontman Il’ya Kovrigin found the definition of “Hardcore” in the book “Punk Rock: From A to Z”, there it said: “Hardcore is Black Sabbath guitar riffs played at supersonic speed”. Marraderi started playing something in the vein of D.R.I. or early Washington Hardcore. Their lyrics are about social and political problems: like the problem of drugs and brainwashing by mass media. When you listen to their music you can’t just sit and watch the unfair world around you. The band released 5 albums and still plays shows.

5 Uglov (5 углов, 5 Corners) formed in the autumn of 1996. Their first show was played at the independent club “Fish Fabrique” in 1997. They had a tough sound, and their aggressive appearance was combined with lyrics about the hard life in Saint-Petersburg of that time. Hard moshing and stagediving could be seen at their shows. They released their great album «Массовый гипноз» (Massovii Gipnoz, Mass Hypnosis) in 2003.

‘Til I Die were Melodic Old School Hardcore from Saint-Petersburg that existed from autumn 2001 ‘til autumn 2003. Their songs were about the problem of choices that always stand before a young man. What do you choose: live like the majority, closing your eyes to injustice around you or open your eyes and turn on your own brain? Could you say your opinion at a critical moment and defend your freedom? Our indifference is weakness. It forces us to swallow all that shit that happens around us every day – violence, drugs, war, fascism, the hypocrisy of authorities, intolerance to minorities. They didn’t swallow it, they spat it out, they wanted their voice to be heard. ‘Til I Die played a 10 year anniversary concert on May 14."

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