Saturday, 18 June 2011

Germany - Berlin 2

Germany - Berlin 1

“I live in Berlin and was born here more than 20 years ago in the eastern part. It's a quite interesting city and I would say unique in Europe concerning subcultures and its history. As you may know the city was divided in two parts during the Cold War. We had the Berlin Wall right in the center and a lot of ghettos rose on both sides. In the 90s after the fall of the wall the city center was pretty much fucked up, a lot of empty blocks of houses in a really awful condition. That was the perfect birthplace for both a huge left-wing squatter scene and a young and rapidly growing punk and hardcore scene. I'm too young to tell you more about 70s or 80s but I know the 90s were a very interesting time for these subcultures. Today we have to face the worst gentrification you could imagine as the city center becomes more and more interesting for upper class citizens, mulitnational business, swarms of tourists, and so on.

One of the most important squats for the local punk and hardcore scene is the Köpi137. You have concerts like every night in the cellar which is called Koma F.

Other locations I like…



Local fanzines…

Presswerk A-C

Stressfaktor which is like a calendar of what's happening where and when.


I need to mention the scene is very interesting but huge and there might be a lot of stuff I don't know about.

I have been running a little punkrock radio station with a friend for more than 5 years now. It's called Funkfabrik B and we broadcast once a month at FM 88.4 in Berlin. It's pretty cool stuff but in times of Facebook and Co. radio is not the mass media it should be ;)

I don't care much about labels/promoters. It sometimes feels there are more bands releasing records than people that actually listen to them. Most of the local bands are day flies - fast, intense but gone as soon as you start to like them. Or I just know the wrong bands :)”

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