Monday, 13 June 2011

Canada - Calgary 2

Canada - Calgary 1

"Currently things are really good in the Calgary hardcore scene, lots of kids who realize that you get what you give with hardcore and aren't just here to leech off of other people’s hard work. Lots of good bands, and even more good bands being started every month it seems. It's a good time to be in Calgary.

The bands that best represent our scene are…

The Asthma Attack

Being a Bear

Brain Fever


Low Life

Rape Revenge


Suicidal Cop


War Elephant

Check their tracks on Dead Noise Collective.

As far as labels go they are VERY scarce in our area. We have a solid bunch of distros but only a few labels I can think of.

XtrueX Records based out of Edmonton have put out a TON of great hardcore/punk over the last 5 or so years.

Handsome Dan Records puts out mostly punk.

As far as zines go the only one focusing on hardcore was created by one of the three people behind Dead Noise. It's called Exit far there is only 1 issue but as far as I know he is working on another one.

As far as hardcore in this city goes there are a few key venues that are pretty regularly used.

The Skate Shack, which is a small room next to an ice skating rink. It's run by nice people who understand hardcore.

The New Black which is run by one of the dudes that was in a fairly big punk band from Calgary called Belvedere (they toured with Pennywise and stuff).

Albert Park which is run by the same people as the Skate Shack but is much bigger.

Other than that there are a few free venues and houses are used pretty regularly."

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