Sunday, 13 November 2011

Canada - Ottawa

“Ottawa hardcore is doing great! We've got new kids promoting shows which is awesome. We've got Palehorse and Revenge coming later this month, and Agitator coming in December!

Substance and Think Twice have both broken up, but their members are starting 2 new bands called Spitting Earth and Badlands.

Neither has recorded music just yet but I've heard some demos and they're both sounding really great!

FWYS Records has put out a bunch of new releases...

Sparrows "Goliath" EP

Constraints self titled EP

Lost Youth tape

The guy behind it is also in a new band called Shot Nerves.

A few bands I failed to mention in my last message to you:

Critical Convictions

Life on Trial (members of Ottawa hardcore legends Vimy Ridge)

Motivator (members of Alaskan)

There's others I'm sure I'm still forgetting but in any case that seems to be what's going on right now!”

Ottawa Hardcore fb

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