Friday, 11 November 2011

UK Edge Day 2011

"UK Edge Day is a celebration of all things UK Straight Edge featuring the best in current hardcore bands and distros from across the UK.

Hometown heroes. Politically charged 90's style hardcore fresh from releasing one of the best LPS of the year.

Photo: Josh Rock

Breaking Point
Southern Rise Hard Hitters embracing the sounds of late 90's and early 00's. New 7" Judgement is the best work they've done. I WALK THE STRAIGHT LINE.

Inherit - 7" release show!
New UK band featuring members of Pain Runs Deep, Cold Snap and The Break In. Hard riffs, thought provoking lyrics and sick grooves not to disimilar to the best of NYHC. Ep out soon on Reflection Records

Fast, furious hardcore ala Ripchord from London, featuring members past and present of Abolition, Hello Bastards and Never Again. Demo out on Painkiller Records so you know its the real deal.

Iron Curtain - 7" release show!
Weights and shit. London Straight Edge band with a sound that wouldnt be out of place on the Boston Nu Scene. No posers allowed.

Ten Speed Bicycle
ray cappo'n jazz youth."

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