Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mexico - Tijuana 2

Mexico - Tijuana 1

"The scene is separated by genres, but people are trying to do something about it.

We have a new label called Bloodpact Records. They have a compilation called Here's Your Donkey Show and it has lots of bands from here.

Some new bands...

Radio Bastards (punk rock)

Abyssal (drone or ambient, something like that...)

Fractal (screamo with postrock)


Some others from here...

Calafia Puta

Days of Struggle


Injury I dont know if these guys still play but they were cool


Fuerza are a group of people that book hc shows.

Some people over here are doing something like a swap meet in a place called Tijuana Punk Rock Tianguis where people can buy things or trade stuff, like cds, records, shirts, patches and other shit.

There's one venue called the Black Box but the shows are a little bit expensive. You Revolution is an electronic bar that sometimes does hc shows.

Another venue is the Pueblito Bar

Audio Zombie is a dude that records bands."

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