Friday, 18 November 2011

Sampler - Casa de Diversion Europe Volume One

Casa de Diversion Europe Volume One

No Omega - The Design (Stockholm, Sweden)

Downfall of Gaia - These Wet Feathers (Hamburg/Berlin, Germany)

Donkey Punch - Hole In The Ears (Paris, France)

Hessian - Blood Of Elijah (Kortrijk/Gent, Belgium)

Plebeian Grandstand - Woe Is You (Toulouse, France)

Black Haven - Lucifer (Ghent, Belgium)

Wardogs - Sick And Tired (South Wales, UK)

Allocation - Rituals (Brussels, Belgium)

Goldust - Acheron (Munster, Germany)

The Rodeo Idiot Engine - Mass Grave (Basque Country)

Crossbreaker - Time Is Making Fools Of Us (South Wales, UK)

Ritual - The Coldest Shoulder (Munster, Germany)

Alpinist - Unwanted Encore (Munster, Germany)

Black Veins - Death Crown (Birmingham, UK)

Celeste - De sorte que plus jamais un instant ne soit magique (Lyon, France)

Hierophant - We Know Love (Ravenna, Italy)

Breaking Point - Season Of My Discontent (Southern Rise, UK)

Planks - Miasma (Mannheim, Germany)

Frustration - Divination (Dublin, Ireland)

Daggers - Axe (Brussels, Belgium)

As We Draw - Fingers To Stab (Laval, France)

Blame It On The Ocean - Empathy (Udine, Italy)

Hexis - Seputus (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Unholy Majesty - The Owl And The Serpent (Kent, UK)

Stay Hungry - Against The Wall (Linkoping, Sweden)

New Morality - Label Me (Arnhem, Netherlands)

Le Dead Projet - No Random (Paris, France)

Foreseen - The Hammer Of Reality (Helsinki, Finland)

Demonwomb - Prometheus (Vienna, Austria)

Last Dayz - Fuck Off (Poland)

Hive Destruction - Through Dark Brown Deserts We March (Kortrijk, Belgium)

Upright - Better Days (Uppsala, Finland)

Deathrite - Vultures/Wolves (Dresden, Germany)

Coldburn - Anticipate (Leipzig, Germany)

Leviathan - Laceration (Odessa, Ukraine)

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