Saturday, 26 November 2011

Slovakia 2

Slovakia 1

“Fast and Faster from Slovakia:

Idiots Parade (Zvolen)
Totally faaaster band from Slovakia! They have a split 12" with Abortion (Slovakia), split 7" with Saywhy? (Czech Republic), some songs appear on 7" compilation Sekec Mazec 4 and some demos. In summer 2011 they were on a eurotour with Total Fucking Destruction (USA) and now they are preparing a debut LP on german label T.V.G. Recs.

Vocatio Interna (Cadca/Czech Rep.)
Insane & angry power violence from the north with Skulda from Czech Republic (bands Sheeva Yoga, Prugelknabe and millions of others). They have a split 7" with Prugelknabe and there are plans for a split 7" with K.I.T.T. (Slovakia)

Systemic Damage (Vranov)
New band of active people from Vranov (bands LTT, Hippie Killer, Roxor, Haarp etc.), killer grind with fast & death metal riffs. They have only one demo and want more shows.

Jakubysko (Zvolen)
Three angry guys that play violence grind. They have 2 demo CDs and are prepare a split 12" with Paskuda.

Paskuda (Banska Bystrica)
Very active people that play epileptic fast core, 2 demo CDs, split 7" with Depresy Mouse (Czech Republic), a lot of gigs in the Czech Republic and they often put on gigs in their city.

Alea Iacta Est (Galanta)
Fast grind core from south of Slovakia. They have a split CD with YACK (Hungary) and plan a split 7" with RAS (Spain).

Abortion (Nitra)
Grind core veterans, one of the older grind bands in Slovakia. They have a lot of CDs, also a split 12" with Idiots Parade and a split 7"s with Agathocles (Belgium) and Mesrine (Canada). There are plans for a split 7"s with Čad and Gride (Czech Republic) in 2012.

Unattended Funeral (Zilina)
More crazy power violence from hyperactive guys from Zilina who also played in bands Boiling Point and Mobius. No records yet.

Attack of Rage (Banovce nad Bebravou)
Brutal grind core demolition, 2 CDs.

Čad (Svaty Jur/Bratislava)
Grind/metal/crust or whatever you want to call it by people from punk´n´roll band Vandali. They win if you are counting the amount of vinyl in Slovakia: 6 split 7"s with Ahumado Granujo (Czech Republic), Rabies (Czech republic), Grossmember (Poland), Unholy Grave (Japan) and Entrails Massacre (Germany), split 12"/CD with Beton, CD Sukromna Vojna and out now is a new 12" called Tazky Kov and a lot of demos too.

I think that’s everything from our extreme scene.

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