Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tour - Beartrap - Germany

Day 44/Show 38/ Berlin, Germany

Last night I stayed up till the sun came up catching up on The Walking Dead. When I woke up 3 hours later I caught up on Mad Men. The drive was long and really boring. When we got to Berlin it looked cool but we were late so we went straight to the squat. The show was in Koma F, the venue in the Kopi squat. The Squat was soo huge and just outside downtown. It still blows my mind places like this exist. Tim booked the show and he is an awesome dude. We got to the show in time to load in/eat right before Cancer Clan played. They were awesome. Then Witch Cult played and all the freaks enjoyed it. Then the same with BearTrap. A lot of people came to the show and bought stuff. We ran out of records again which is always a huge bummer. We should have more but The Czech Republic is holding a package of them. That sucks shit. After the show we went to the place we are sleeping and I am catching up on more tv I’ve missed while on tour. I NEED sleep.

Day 45/Show 39/ Rostock, Germany

Today we woke up and checked out Berlin a little bit. Went to some burrito place with vegan options. Did some currency exchange and drove to Rostock. The show tonight is on a boat called Ms. Stubnitz. Immediately after our show there is a college dance party on the boat. We got to the boat and loaded in which was hell. It was freezing and the wind chill on the water is bad. We have to load everything up and down narrow staircases that aren’t meant for this. The room we play in is at the front of the boat. We had curry vegetables and a bunch of other stuff for dinner. I had peanut butter and apples. Danillo booked this show and he is a really nice dude. His band Entrails Massacre played first. The show had to be over at 10 and Witch Cult started at 9:50. Needless to say both bands played faster than normal which isn’t very possible. All day I'd felt alright but after we ate I started to get really sick. The one other time I ate on a boat I also puked. Today was no different. I puked a little before and after we played. I wonder if it has to do with the motion? I also had some serious shits (like 5) so I think I could also have a stomach bug or something. Enough about my problems. The show was cool, decent amount of people on a boat. Then right after we played the college party started. There are 3 rooms on this boat the have 3 different dj’s playing 3 different things in them. This boat got real wild. I’m tour “dad” and no one expected to me to partake in the festivities so I decided despite my illness I would prove them wrong. I put on my best looking clothing item, a shitty striped sweater I use to keep warm under my hoodie.The outcome isn’t anything cool or special. It was more of a reality check. I can't function in these wild party situations. It was funny watching rooms full of people trying so hard to fuck each other, I just can't relate. Now I'm upstairs in bed where I belong while the party rages on below me. Goodnight Dad.

Day 46/DAY OFF

I’ll pay someone to fly here and kill me.

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