Monday, 9 April 2012

Tour - Beartrap - Poland

Day 41/Show 35/Wroclaw, Poland

Woke up early for a 3 hour drive, COOL. Got to Wroclaw after driving thru the middle of nowhere. It was raining/haleing and it was really cold. We got there so early we had nothing else to do except walk around. We went to the old town area and saw some old shit. Then we went to a vegan cafĂ© that translated into “bad meat”. Some people got some stuff, I made some tea. After that we walked back to the venue. The show is in a semi-legal squat called CRK. We had some heated fooseball games and waited around for the show to start. Lukasz booked the show and is my favorite promoter. Not because he booked the best show, but because he picked up on me being a sarcastic asshole and gave it right back to me. Best sense of humor all tour hands down. This show had 4 touring bands on it and no locals, but there were a good amount of people there. Everyone seemd to enjoy the show, and the room wasn’t that cold considering how cold it was outside. After the show we went back to Lukasz' apartment where me and him talked more shit to each other before bed. Today is April Fools Day. April fools on me of course because I thought I escaped winter, but its snowing in Warsaw. Kill me now.

Day 42/Show 36/ Warsaw, Poland

Really April fools on me cause that asshole Lukasz lied to us and it isn’t snowing in Warsaw. The drive here reminded me of driving on back roads in Massachusetts. It's weird to me that there isn’t a highway that goes straight from the 2nd biggest city to the capital of the country. We were supposed to be playing the Elba squat tonight in Poland but a few days ago they got threatened with eviction so the show couldn’t happen there. We got added to a show that was already booked in a club in Warsaw and we don’t fit the bill. 3 NYHC style bands. Pawel put us on the show and I'd like to thank him for that. Anna booked the show at Elba and got us on this show when Elba got evicted so I'd like to thank her for that. This show was looking grim for us. Only people who seemed to be into heavy hardcore were in the club. Not a punk or a denim jacket in sight. We were playing 4th and 5th out of 5 bands so we figured we would play to no one at all. Right before we played some punks showed up and this show was actually pretty cool. The people who came to see us were real cool to us. Any show is better than a day off, but it didn’t seem like this one would be much better and it ended up being pretty good. After the show we went to Anna's apartment to sleep. I love sleep.

Day 43/Show 37/ Gdansk, Poland

Woke up today and drove thru Warsaw. It looks like a pretty cool place. The road to Gdansk wasn’t too bad. We stopped for some McDonalds Wifi. We got to the venue and a few minutes later the promoter, Robert, came with the food. Vegetable stew with rice and potato salad. Chocolate muffins for dessert. It was very awesome. After that we waited for the show to start. Witch Cult and BearTrap played 3rd and 4th and both sets went pretty good. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The venue was called Klub Infinium and it was a small room with a stage. It was a good room for us to play in. After the show we went back to Matt's apartment to sleep. We love sleep.

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