Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tour - BearTrap/Witch Cult - UK & home

Day 60/Show 53/ Glasgow, Scotland Woke up really cold today. It sucked leaving Belfast in shitty weather cause I liked it so much the day before. We got to the ferry early to avoid getting fucked with really hard by officials. When we got to check in there was no line, no one checked our passports, everyone was super nice and we got on an earlier ferry that was only an hour long instead of 2 hours. It was a nice change of pace. The ferry ride was awesome too. The Irish Ocean is beautiful and the ferry was going super fast so it was cool. The drive from the ferry port to Glasgow was also very beautiful and the weather was super nice. The coolest part of this tour for me has been seeing animals grazing with their young in beautiful green fields. You don’t see that in America anymore. We got to Glasgow early and hung around near the venue, The 13th Note. It is a vegan cafĂ© upstairs and a show space down stairs. Hashim booked the show and he is a super nice dude. We had dinner at the venue and I had ice cream for dinner. The show started around 8. Three bands played before us and a lot of kids watched the first one and then left. COOL. Other than that the show was pretty good. We both played alright. After the show we went to where we were sleeping, my favorite part of the day.
Day 61/ Show 54/ Aberdeen, Scotland Woke up today in a really nice apartment in downtown Glasgow. We had a good breakfest thanks to Bobby, the dude we stayed with. Then we walked around the city and Glasgow is a pretty cool place. As soon as we got in the van to drive to Aberdeen the weather got shitty. The first thing you see when you pull in to Aberdeen is a massive graveyard. It was cold, it was grey, and it looked like it would last the rest of my life. Pretty grim looking. We got to the venue, Cellar 35, and it was a small bar in a basement of a building. We waited around for the show to start. 2 locals played before us, and 2 other touring bands played after us, in a small town like this 4 touring bands doesn’t do anyone any good. We both played and it was decent. Again tonight it seemed like way more people watched the first band then left. Scotland is 2-0 for that, let's see what tomorrow is like. Then we packed up and drove to the place where all 4 bands were sleeping.
Day 62/Show 55/ Edinburgh, Scotland Woke up today and headed to Edinburgh. I heard it was really nice. The drive was ok, but the weather was eratic per usual. I felt sick on the ride there and it lasted all day. Instead of going out and checking out the city I layed down and tried to sleep all day. The cool thing about that is the venue, The Banshee Labyrinth, has a movie theater in it. I watched The Lost Boys and then slept for a little bit until I was kicked out because there was an acoustic show happening in there. I continued to feel like shit all night. The venue is really cool tho. It’s a series of different rooms / bars connected by tunnels. It is also the most haunted bar in Scotland. The show started around 830 and 3 bands played before us. I zoned out with my earplugs in trying to feel better. We both played and it was cool. A lot of people came out and it didn’t seem like they left after the first band. Scotland is 1-3 with that. After the show we went to the place we are sleeping. Tomorrow is the last show of tour, then a day off then I fly home.
Day 63/Show 56/ Manchester, UK Woke up and left right away for Manchester. The promoter, Elena, was making us food at her house before the show. Pizza and brownies and they were awesome. We watched High Fidelity and then headed to the show. It was in a spot called the Kraak Gallery. It was a pretty cool place in an alleyway in downtown Manchester. Waited awhile for the show to start. The first band was a kinda black metal influenced hardcore band and they were good. Then Witch Cult played and people dug it which is weird because a lot of people shit talked them on the facebook event. Internet warriors who said they would be at the show but didn’t go, COOL. Then BearTrap played and it was cool. It was the last night of tour so we were in a hurry to get shit out the door and head home, a 4 hour drive. Got in around 4 am and slept like a baby.
Day 64 Day off at Alastair's house Woke up today and watched Mad Men. Then we ate and went to the currency exchange place. WE DIDN’T LOSE MONEY ON THIS TOUR!! Then we went back to Alastair's and relaxed all day. We had a last supper together at a sushi place. We have to wake up super early tomorrow (6 am) to catch an 11 am flight, and we land in Boston at 11 am. This will suck.
Day 65 Fly Home Woke up super early. When we got to the airport we said our goodbyes and tried not to get emotional. And then there were 3 Americans. We got to the airport 3 hours early and sat around and did nothing. The flight wasn’t that bad. My tv was broken so I didn’t really get to watch anything. Slept for 3 hours and then we landed. I went home and within 5 minutes I had to get out. Then I slept for about 15 hours. And that’s how the tour ended.

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