Monday, 2 April 2012

Tour - Beartrap/Witch Cult - Austria, Slovakia & Czech Republic

Day 37/Show 31/ Innsbruck, Austria

Woke up in Bratislava today. It struck me how close together the 3 capital cities in the 3 surrounding countries are and how much easier/better this part of the tour could have been if hardcore was what everyone imagines it should be. There were shows going on in Budapest everyday we could play there and we couldn’t get on any of them, and one was an all local show. Vienna there was a show 1 of the nights so they couldn’t book us on the other days we could have played. I’m grateful that we can play anywhere and that we ever get booked anywhere, but just imagine if everything worked out the way you planned. We drove to Innsbruck, which is 6 hours from Bratislava, instead of Vienna, which is 1 hour away. The drive was ok, it reminded me of the mid west of America. Lots of fields and the smell of cow shit. Towards the end we drove into some snow covered mountains so it was cool.

Massimo booked this show and it is at a place called Café Decentral. When we arrived there was some fruit waiting and food to be cooked. Everyone at the show was super nice. This was one of the shows with no locals. There was a good amount of people for a Tuesday night show with no locals. Everyone seemed to be into both sets and it was a cool show. After the show Massimo gave us the keys to his apartment and now we are here going wild because he is staying somewhere else. Sometimes the smaller towns can be just as cool as the big cities.

Day 38/Show 32/ Bratislava, Slovakia

Woke up today in Massimo’s apartment. The view was wonderful. Surrounded by snow covered mountains. He showed up and brought us breakfast. What a nice dude. We did the same drive the day before so we knew what we were in for. The show was at Intergalactic Obluda. We got to the venue and found out that there were 3 other touring bands on the show and we had to play first. The show started around 9 and Witch Cult played first. There were a lot of people there for a show on a Wednesday night with no locals. Then BearTrap played. People seemed to enjoy both sets. I spent the rest of the night fighting off sleep behind the merch table because I didn’t sleep well the night before. After the show we loaded out and now are at the apartment we are staying at. Sleeeeeeppppp.

Day 39/40/Show 33/34/ Prague, Czech Republic/ Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic

We woke up early because Nina had to go to work. This is the 2nd day in a row I’ve woken up very early to people talking loudly in other languages. We started the drive to Prague. We all wanted to walk around and check out the city, NOPE! The only day we have bad weather is in Prague. Wet shoes on tour is hell so we got to the venue early and hung out. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow so I probably wont get to check out the city. Anyway, we hung out here for awhile.

The venue is called Klubovna Povalec. Vaclav/ the hluch crew booked the show for us. At around 6 people showed up with food for us. I think 4 different people brought us a lot of different foods. Rice and curry vegetables, a cake made of plums and pears, a lot of different fruits and some nuts/chocolate. We gorged and are all fatter Americans/English bastards now.

After that the first band went on. They were awesome, but I didn’t catch their name. Witch Cult played and a lot of people went apeshit. Same for BearTrap. I requested stage dives and people stage dove. I felt like Scott Vogel. After the show we hung out at the venue for awhile. We have been sold out of records for the past week (since Istanbul) and its sucked. I had some shipped here. 2 packages of 20 records in each box, but only 1 box came. So soon enough we will be record less and have records stranded in Prague.

This was the 2nd best show of tour. A lot of people in a small room and everyone enjoyed it. After the show we went to the apartment we were staying at and watched Drive. Woke up today and its still raining so my life now sucks. We sat around for awhile and the rain stopped. We went out and checked out Prague and it is a pretty awesome city. We left and drove to Vysoke Myto. After we crossed a really small bridge that was only 2 inches wider than our van and drove thru a bunch of villages on small roads, we made it to a small city.

The place we are playing tonight is called Mikado. When we got inside my mind was blown. The room we are playing in has a rock climbing wall and a bunch of mats. Upon further inspection this place is what seems to be a pre-school that has shows in it. This is insane. There are small children here for activities just a few minutes before the show starts. The show started around 9. Witch Cult played 3rd and BearTrap played 4th. There are a decent amount of people here, especially for a small town. They made us play more but I think it was more of the “we don’t care who you are we just want more music” kind of thing. Oh well. It was still a pretty good show. 2 people are passed out drunk right in front of the merch table. Children go to school here. We are sleeping here tonight but have to be up early cause children are coming and that sucks. I’d rather sleep.

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