Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tour - Beartrap/Witch Cult - Sweden & Denmark

Day 47/ Show 40/ Stockholm, Sweden

So yesterday we woke up on the boat and all the bathrooms were out of order. We all got up and headed to Malmo, Sweden. We didn’t have a show but we had a place to stay. The drive dragged on real slow because I knew we had no show to play. The person we were staying with told us there was a free show happening in Malmo that night, and gave us the number to the venue. It was 2 punk bands playing and the club was called Debaser so I thought we had a shot at hopping on. The dude at the club told me “it wouldn’t benefit the other bands or the people coming to the show.” Thanks asshole. So we just went to the apartment we were staying at and slept. Woke up early to drive to Stockholm. Its raining/snowing and wet and really cold. It looks like the set of Let The Right One In.

The show is at Kulturhuset Skarpnack which is a youth center. The Stockholm straight edge crew booked the show for us. They are all super nice and one some of them are in No Omega, check them out. The show was cool. I did merch during the first bands so I didn’t catch them. The room was super dense/soundproof so I could barely hear them. Witch Cult played and people filtered into the room. They seemed to enjoy it. Then we had to warn them that BearTrap would be playing in 2 minutes and to not go too far. People have missed either band at a lot of shows because of how short we play. People enjoyed BearTrap and moved around a bit. After the show we went back to where we were staying, drank some tea, and watched Hesher. It was a good night.

Day 48/Show 41/Gothenburg, Sweden

Woke up today to a wonderful breakfast. Pancakes, oatmeal, nuts, juice, and tea. Then we watched Almost Famous. The drive to Gothenburg wasn’t too bad, Sometimes the view was real nice. The show tonight was at Aktivitetshuset Härden. It’s a practice space/venue in an industrial area. It's probably hard for people to get to from the city. The show was decent. Not a packed room but not empty. We both played good. We are sleeping in here on the stage. I hate people who smoke indoors.

Day 49/Show 42/ Aalborg, Denmark

Woke up at 10 today, had some hummus and left for the next place. We skipped all the ferries and still lost money on Sweden. We spent 160 euro on bridges. So next time we go, get more shows in Sweden. The drive was pretty long and uneventful. We got to the club an hour before the show started.

The name of the venue is 1000fryd. Peter booked the show and he is is a nice dude. I was told that the venue is city and country funded. This is how they afford to pay 4 touring bands when the turn out isn’t so good. Witch Cult played first and the set was cool. The people here enjoyed it. Same for BearTrap. Then Streetwalked from Seattle played. Then Catheter from Denver. 3 bands from the USA and one from the UK. I had a good time having tour talk with my fellow Americans. The venue has an apartment upstairs with laundry and a show so right after the show I did that and went to sleep.

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