Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Poland - Wroclaw

I used to live in a town near Wrocław. The city is also known as Breslau, located in Lower Silesia region, south-western Poland, near Czech and German borders.

In over 1000 years of its history this area has been a part of Austria, Bohemia, Germany, Poland and Prussia. Quite interesting and inspiring place due to its influences and heritage, for example Jewish Synagogue, Lutheran Church, Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church standing side by side in one district. nice place when there's no war goin on:)

The scene always could be bigger, but there's a few good bands, venues and gigs every week in Wrocław. There's not much happening outside of the capital of the region, as far as i know. It was way more alive back in 80s and 90s.

These guys are working pretty hard on the DIY community I must say, mainly:



Venues like Wagon Club and Firlej are hosting hc/punk gigs pretty often.

These bands represent the area well...

Seven Day Lie

We Are Idols

Artwork: Miszczu
Face Of Reality




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