Saturday, 8 May 2010

Poland - North

Our scene is not so big - in Poland not many people listen to hardcore so if 100 people come to a concert that's great. Except festivals - then we have more people. Or if bands from another country play.

Community is good- nice people who help each other.

We have D.I.Y big concerts...

D.I.Y hardcore Punk Fest

Beach Boys Hardcore Fest

...and many small concerts in a year.

Great bands from the north:

Biała Gorączka (Grudziadz)

Shizma (Bydgoszcz)

No Reason Why

Bilety do Kontroli (Gdynia) RIP lol but I think they'll start again

Faust Again (Grudziadz)

Art: Rafal Wechterowicz

Calm the Fire (Bytów)

Art: Dziki

Dobry Dzien RIP (Gdansk)

Idol Falls (Tczew)
- they are a young band but they are good


stay true :)

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  1. Band Calm the fire is from Bytów.. not from Gdańsk ; D