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Brazil - Sao Paulo 5 (Part 1)

Brazil - Sao Paulo 4

"I’m from the countryside of São Paulo, 100km north of the capital. And like many other movements, São Paulo is the biggest scene down here, in hardcore and arts in general. One of the main motives is that São Paulo is more industrialized and urbanized than other states from Brazil, different than that common image of my country with samba, beaches and things like that.

The beginning of hardcore in Brazil was when it really separated from punk and mixed with the beginning of the straight edge scene in South America. Of course we had some punk bands that were beginning the crossover to a more aggressive sound, like Ratos de Porão in the 80’s. But the real hardcore bands from the start began to rise alongside straight edge in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

One of the icons of the vegan straight edge hardcore in Brazil (1996-2006) was Point of No Return, not just for the music, but this band shook the scene with a more metallic approach. One of the vocalists (they have three) is the owner of Liberation Records, one of the most important labels from Brazil, not just for releasing CDs, but also for bringing some bands from US and Europe down here.

Other labels from Brazil are:


Seven Eight Life

Caustic Recordings

As you can see, they’re all straight edge oriented but have released “normal” bands as well.

All these gigs took place in São Paulo and all three labels are from the same state. São Paulo was the most representative city/state of hardcore. Not just the capital, but in relation to some another city’s like Piracicaba (in the countryside) and Santos (by the shore).

On the current scene in São Paulo, we’re living better at the moment rather than in the earlier ’00. Back then there was a really divided and violent scene, especially between 2005 and 2007, with rival crews and stupid fights between sxe and non-sxe. But now we are more united, because the scene is small, it’s like a survival thing.

Some bands from Brazilian hardcore scene…

90’s and early 00’s:





Garage Fuzz

No Violence - one of the first straight edge bands, back in ‘89"

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