Friday, 29 July 2011

Peru 3

Peru 2
Peru - Lima 2 (Part 2)

“Just a few days ago my band Reflections finished recording our first demo. I’m proud to tell you about it. Here is our band camp so you can check out how we are doing.

I’m also glad about what’s going on right now. Alhambre, one of the most important bands here have just released a video for their song ¨Hasta Morir¨ (Until Death). The video was recorded at Keko Bar, this one bar that has become the main spot where hardcore shows take place.

Furthermore, Fast Kids Records, our main record label has just released a 12¨ vinyl for an argentinian band called Mil Caras. This is very important because it’s the first time any argentinian band has some material released by a peruvian record label.

On a further note, tomorrow I’m leaving for Cajamarca, a city an hour from Lima (by airplane) to play at a hardcore show organized by locals. I’m playing not with Reflections but with Circulo Eterno (Eternal Circle), my other band. Circulo Eterno is a 90s band, heavily influenced by Unbroken, Mean Season, Shield, etc. Dark lyrics, slow tempos, everything a 90s band had at the time. We are playing with local bands such as Nueva Direccion (New Direction) and others at a house.

Cajamarca has a small growing scene in the last 4 years. Lima bands are reaching Cajamarca in order to play and vice versa so in a sense, the peruvian hardcore scene is getting closer and bigger.

Also, Circulo Eterno is releasing an EP.

Now, this past Saturday, there was going to be a reunion show for one of the first hardcore bands here in Peru called Narcosis.

As a matter of fact its not strictly a hardcore band, but it was one of the first underground bands here in Peru back in 80s. They were one of the first ones that spoke about the political context of Peru back in the 80s. Later on came G3.

However, the show was cancelled because the police entered into the venue and you can imagine, things got hectic. Don’t worry, it wasn’t because the 80s were back and there was political oppression, the thing was that also, that place was used for hookers and drug addicts so the police were ordered by the districts mayor to close that place haha. The show was rescheduled to mid August.

Today is Peru’s independence day so everyone is happy right now. Our football team did great on the America’s Cup so everyone is full of joy.”

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