Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hungary 4

Hungary 3

"We just had a kickass music festival this weekend - unfortunately it gets a bit worse every year :-/ Maybe punk is dying ? A few years ago it was a kickass camping outdoor festival, now it was just held in one of the "cool" capital city clubs - not too punk.

Quite a lot of cool bands ceased to be in the last few years so it is not that cool anymore.

Nesze - hardcore punk

Böiler - skinhead fun punk

HoldXTrue - sXe hardcore

Iszonyat - hardcore punk

Hematoma - hardcore punk

In my hometown we used to have a cool crew - AORA action or apathy - organizing gigs and things but they are getting old now and have their own families and so on... there are some gigs still but not that many anymore.

More and more "hatecore" nazis appear - luckly not on the scene but I think it is just a matter of time - ignorance is rapidly growing in Budapest, in the coutry it is much better I think. Of course there are some cities where the situation is not that good.

We have quite a lot of cool girls and guys who are really into the hardcore punk scene - making fanzines, running distros and so on, so we still have a kickass scene and we gonna keep it that way!"

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