Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Finland - North

“The hardcore scene here in cold, cold north is most active in towns like Kajaani, Rovaniemi and Oulu. Also there's small but really active grindcore scene in Tornio. Most punkgigs are held in Oulu and the biggest and most important event for punks in northern Finland is Hässäkkäpäivät festival.”

Notable bands that come from north:

Terveet Kädet

Yhteiskunnan Ystävät?


Valium Kiharat

The Carnival



(It really seems that nowadays traditional hardcore scene is bigger and better than ever. There has been really nice uprising of new bands and old farts are reforming their old ones :D.

Also it seems that there is at least one RTS every year and a lot of festivals are held in southern Finland:

Puntala Rock

Musta Pispala

Helsinki Punk Fest...

So yeah, the finnish punk scene lives.")

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