Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Zine - Rebuild 2

"The second issue of Rebuild is done. Interviews with: Greg Bennick, Anthony Pappalardo, Death Is Not Glamorous, Light Bearer, Rearranged, Aaron Edge, My Turn, Dario (Youth Crew Records), xTRUE NATUREx, Wasted Youth, Hobson's Choice, Ljuba (HA-KO Bastards)... 98 pages, photo reports, reviews and other stuff.

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We made some changes comparing to the first issue. Putting out a zine in black color and with 7" record sleeve format turned out to be pretty complicated in the end, both financially and practically (although it did look awesome!)... We didn't hope to release the second issue after only a couple of months, but here it is... And don't get used to it, we won't be making issues every couple of months in the future, this one will stick around for some time... The content is enriched with some columns about Novi Sad hardcore scene and Rebuild Collective, activism, veganism and other topics and other new thing are photo reports with amazing photos from hardcore shows in Novi Sad in last couple of months. Also, there are many more reviews as some of you requested."

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