Sunday, 17 July 2011

Saint-Petersburg, Russia (Part 4)

Saint-Petersburg, Russia (Part 3)

"Enjoy Crap
Old school hardcore band with members of Part of You. After releasing demo they split up too.

The Bright Side
New Youth Crew band. They just played several concerts and released demo a couple of days ago.

Middle-temped hardcore from Saint-Petersburg with influences of Stop and Think, D.Y.S. and even Black Sabbath.

Волчья яма (Volchya Yama, Wolf Pit)
New Saint-Petersburg thrash hardcore band with members of Sandinista!, Nervion, Frostbite and Black Sheep. They have already played a few shows and have released a live recording. Sounds like Pulling Teeth, Swamp Thing etc.

The band gathered together for the first time in autumn’08. In autumn’09 three remaining band members locked up in a rehearsal room to record 5 raw songs within 6 hours with help of two metalheads (thanks to Leha and Grisha). Some time after the record was uploaded to the Internet and recieved positive and negative responses. For the moment Warborn is rehearsing some new obscure material in a renewed line-up, getting ready for the concerts and more.

Dottie Danger
Dottie Danger is post-hardcore band from Saint-Petersburg which was formed in 2005. They have released an EP and two albums. Dottie Danger is one of the most experienced and interesting bands from Saint-Petersburg.

Ways of Revenge
New band formed by members of The Rave with female vocals.

Gorilla Troops
Awesome new band from Saint-Petersburg. Hellish mix of Thrash Metal speed combined with Crossover sound and Hardcore power. They already played several crazy shows in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow and made themselves a name in the Russian Scene.

Monkey Wrench
Warzone-style hc with Oi! influences."

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