Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sweden - Gothenburg 2

Sweden - Gothenburg 1

“Me and a couple of friends have just started a booking label here in Gothenburg. The main reason for doing so is because we want to be more involved in the hc/punk-scene in Gothenburg and Sweden. We already have Göteborg Straight Edge that put on a lot of good shows. But we still feel that we wanna be a part of this as well, and that way we can put on shows with some of our own favorite hc/punkbands.

In the beginning we'll probably just use one venue. And we're mainly looking to book hardcore and punk bands. We're all big fans of british hardcore, so we'll probably try to book a few bands from the UK. It's fairly easy to put on shows I think. If everything goes according to plan, we'll be putting on our first show in February!

I think it'll take some time before people know who we are. But if we put on good shows, and makes sure everybody is having a great time, I think people will be more supportive! We will probably do some shows with just local bands, so that they have somewhere to play. Because I think it's important to support your scene. But we'll also try to book bigger bands of course. And maybe put local bands as support!

Two of the bands that represent Gothenburg the best in my eyes are Anchor and Stay Hungry. Great bands both of 'em. And if you haven't heard 'em yet, make sure you do!

I play in Leaving Shore, a newly started post-hc/hcband. We've just recorded our first EP which will be released in mid-January."

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