Saturday, 5 December 2009


Le Pub, Newport 4/12/09

Tom from Ironclad had bumped into Cornered at a gig in Europe at the end of the summer. He was quick to invite them to Newport and now I know why. The lads from Northern Netherlands and their friends waited patiently around the merch stall and, when their time came, jumped onstage with hardly any time in setting up and then it blew!! What a ramraid!! They hit hard too but their sound is so uncomplicated. It is Gibson/Marshall power and every chord delivered with precision. They are confident of their identity and show a passion to deliver a more traditional sound, more melodic and clean. No wonder they travel so far and wide...they have found a recipe that works and in Niels they have a frontman who you have to take seriously. Before the gig we talked about how the hardcore scene is no place for egos and that everyone has a responsibility to keep it alive and well. He mentioned Warzone as an influence and that is a big fire to keep burning! What a difference they made! But when you see Cornered at work, you know why they are prepared to drive for hours to play a half a hour set. All of the frustration, anger and love is condensed into every note. But there's something more than that...every sound adds a bit of extra magic to the mix. Sets like this energise our lives and keep our music alive and urgent.

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