Thursday, 31 December 2009

South Africa - Durban

In the last year three of my favorite local HXC/punk bands have broken up like Colin Grove and The Rising End. Our "scene" here is super small and very much "clicky," in the sense of Christian Kids who dig the Christian type hardcore and the other genres of hardcore.

But of late there is a lot of hype about a new band that is up and coming which I'll forward you in time when they have some material down. Very much youth crew/posi kind of stuff, very cool.

Durban as I said is very niche to a degree, like these kids will go watch one band yet won't support the non edge bands... very lame, man. I was actually at a show on Tuesday were there were perhaps 150 kids and 6 bands playing. Cool thing is here in Durban HXC bands will play with a Punk or ska band just as the scene is so small they like to help each other out as bands. I just wish people would support them unitedly. Bands very much promote themselves and organise shows etc. There are regular venues of which 3 are mostly used , two of which are small bars which really have a rad atmosphere to them, the other is a sell out goth/"alternative" "club" which really only gives a damn about alcohol sales and has a shitty sound etc.

To be honest it was very much more about music and more about friends having a good time in the pits and sing a longs, don't get me wrong it still happens but to a lesser degree. Bands like Go! Go! Broncho are keeping it real and have a lot of passion in their music.

I'm not sure if you will be able to see this video but this was our scene like a year ago

Rising End's last show

What I will say is that HAVE HEART and SHIPWRECK were here earlier. They totally fucking destroyed this place and made a huge impact on ALL of us here. Pat Flynn one of the raddest dudes in hardcore today (IMO).

Have a cool day. It's New Years Eve here tonight so have a cool party (if you do so) yourself whilst we keep it clean here.

Stay Safe

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