Monday, 28 December 2009

Turkey 1

Thanks to Armağan for this information

Our scene is not so good unfortunately. There is a small crew which listens to hardcore music in our city, Ankara (the capital city of Turkey). I don't know every dude who listens to hardcore in our city but every concert I see the same people =)

Most of the concerts are organized in the same places. Mostly, these are too small venues but there is a good and warm atmosphere. We support local bands as much as we can. Bands help each other, also at the same time there is competition between them. I like that because they work on improving themselves to be better than each other. of course, this is a good thing for listeners like myself =)

Radical Noise RIP (1992-2002), they have two albums in 1996 and 1999.

Antisilence RIP (?-2003), they have two albums too in 1995 and 2000.

Something's Wrong (1992-?) they have one album in 1998.

These bands, especially Radical Noise and Antisilence, have some Turkish melodies and Turkish political effects on their music.

Nowadays, Self Torture is the biggest band in our scene. They have three albums since 2002. Their sound is different from other hardcore bands. Their music is influenced by some death metal figures but it is not like deathcore.

Truth We Defend RIP (from Istanbul) and Mosh Pit Project (from İzmir) are new bands in our scene but they are tough bands too. (This is what Berk from TWD said about this...)

Other than these bands, metalcore has been popular our scene for 3 years.
Turkish bands and musicians are coming from behind according to the world =)

Our bands don't have a specific sound which is special to our country but our listeners have particular moves. We dance too in concerts but this is not like mosh or circle pit, it is like fighting between us =) Unfortunately, concerts are not crowded. Because of this, stage diving is impossible. I can't say that hardcore is popular like in other countries. Most people in Turkey listen to thrash metal, heavy metal or death metal. I complain about this situation but people don't mind us :/ You can understand that even hardcore listeners are too limited and there are not enough people who are straight edge.

Sometimes, hardcore is more than music for us. We use it to tell people our political thoughts or to share our pain in life. For myself, hardcore is always more than music. It is a lifestyle. Especially being straight edge is hard in our country. No one understands what we are, also they don't know the meaning of being straight edge. This situation is ridiculous but I do not mind it anymore =) It is all about our country and our scene.

Turkish Hardcore

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