Monday, 28 December 2009

Russia 1

This report comes from Sergei who comes from Vladimir and lives in Moscow to study and work.

Russia is a very big country. It's 1/6 of the earth, but we have a very poor and young scene. These are some of the reasons: awful goverment [post USSR], stupid cops and closeminded people... Now everything is better but still not very good.
Nazis are one of the most important problems. Last year they killed 5 antifacists.
Check this link.

Now shows are regular. There are some cool promoters with a lot of experience. We have problems with venues though. A lot of venues don't want to do punk, coz punk in Russia has a lot problems with cops. And one more. After this accident a lot venues were closed.

There is a good sense of community but I think the situation is the same in all countries. Of course there are some "crews" which have different points of view on some questions and also we have a lot shitty bands.

These bands represent the scene well:

Branch (Togliatti)

Trick Shots (Vladimir)

Jet Packs

Kung Fu Devils RIP

What We Feel (Moscow)

Invisible Border (Moscow)

Changes (Moscow)

Jack Russell (Moscow)

The Bojarski (Tula)

Argument 5.45 (Moscow)

Montfaucon (Moscow)

Loa Loa (Moscow)


Ray (Moscow)



Radio Feelings

The Poseurs (Moscow)

I'm So Maniac (Rostov-on-Don)

Of course our hxc scene fights for change. Punx usually fight with nazis but we have a lot of apolitical punx. I mean they can still be friends with nazis. It's so sad. Maybe you don't know but we have a lot naziska bands [Clockwork Times] and we have a lot nazi sxe hc [Outlaw Heroes Standing].

Check these too:

Play It Loud Booking

Full Throttle Records

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