Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Greece - Athens

Brilliant report from George who used to sing for xfor no reasonx!

Hardcore in Greece (actually in Athens, because at the smaller cities it's a little bit different) is getting more popular in the last few years but I'm not sure if we can speak of a scene! The reason is that it's not so well organised as a way of life (I mean DIY shows, mutual support etc) but there are mentionable efforts from really nice guys and recently we have had the chance to see amazing shows here.

In the last 4-5 years metalcore is the most popular here, but there are smaller venues that make a change and are organised by some friends of mine. You can check this (World's Appreciated Kitsch) from a good friend of mine. He organises small hc venues, puts out some cool fanzines and tries as much as he can to make things happen in Greece.

As for a community the things are just ok here. Not bad blood between anyone usually, but everyone has got his "crew" (not in a gang way, as friends I mean) and they're not really supportive of others. The DIY scene is awesome here, more political and it's a little bigger in its own way.

There are some very good bands that you can check on myspace and they're very popular here:

Vodka Juniors (Athens)

xfor no reasonx (Athens) (they broke up, the first greek edge band-I used to sing for them)

Censored Sound (Athens)

Faithreat (Volos)

The Voldera Cult (Athens)

Endsight (Athens)

Disharmonic RIP (Volos)

Slavebreed (Athens)

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