Sunday, 27 December 2009


The latvian hardcore scene is not living its best days at the moment, mostly because of the economical situation in our country. For example in 2006-2007 we invited such bands as Gorilla Biscuits, Ignite, Madball, Death before Dishonor, No Turning Back, but nowadays all we can afford are some european or russian bands. This year we have had only 2 gigs of non-latvian bands - Ray (Russia) and The Vendetta (Italy). We simply can't afford to invite someone else.

Also the best days of latvian hardcore bands are in the past. All my favourite acts are disbanded now.


When My Authorities Fall

Vimaz Trīs Vārdi

Cita Attieksme

The only band which plays since 90's and still is alive is Kriegopfer from little Latvian town Saldus.

What I like about our scene is the strong sense of community. We don't care about nationality (it's a problem in Latvia, you know), are you hc-kid, skinhead (normal skinhead, not nazi of course) or punk and so on.
Our scene since the 90's, when it began, has not always had the typical attitude of most worldwide hc bands - it has been more crusty or anarcho-punk. Lyrics are anti-establishment, anti-capitalist, anarchist etc. Music also is more crust-punk influenced or metallic.

Lyrics are mostly in latvian. But for example band Vismaz Trīs Vārdi has translations of their lyrics in russian and english on their web page.

Also one of first latvian hardcore bands, Hope Dies Last has an album with english lyrics. Mostly lyrics deal with more worldwide problems, but, I think, for ex-USSR countries, the issue is how politics doesn't stop stealing and lying.

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