Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Blog - Suck My Ovaries

"I am from Los Angeles, CA (born and raised). At first the blog was by the domain scallywalleh because of my old nick name. It still went by Suck My Ovaries though. It was a phrase that was said becuase I see girls say "suck my balls or dick" when we don't have those genital organs. I said it throughout high school.

At first the blog was only for downloads but I started talking to my brother. His blog had no downloads and only news of what was happening in Peru in the hardcore scene. My blog was inclined to South America in promoting bands from the US to download, it was mainly supposed to be in spanish.

I went to Peru for two months last year and when I came back, the day after I saw HH last show and many others, I thought to myself how I wanted to share this with my friends in Peru. I started filming the shows and then I decided to interview bands because I had the opportunity to see them unlike those who live in South America. Also what made me more inclined to do it was that there were no blogs with the idea I had in mind and I didn't know any girls that had a blog about the scene. That's why I call it suck my ovaries because also; at times girls still get judged but I know girls that are really down for the core. It is kind of like an "in your face" view.

At the same time I promote south american hardcore. People kind of brush it of but Chile has one of the biggest hc scenes in South America. Even though Peru doesn't have a big scene those kids are dedicated. When I can I'll scan a zine into a pdf file to download. I even have ideas of my own for zines but I just need the time.

LA has so much to it with in the kids and the scene. I always want to document things so I can post it online. I even talk to photographers at shows and promote them. There is a lot of stuff that goes on in LA and I just go to the shows that interest me most. But I love how at every show there are at least some people that i know. I have grown to appreciate how I am able to see all these bands. I love California."


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