Tuesday, 22 June 2010

UK - Kent

I live in the Medway Towns, which has a really clichy Indie Scene (it did seem that around the time Hardcore went trendy all the Indie kids started wearing Black Flag shirts), my friend John runs Deep Anchor Promotions.

Graphic: Scot aka Switch

He works really hard at it and he's managed to get some bands that would never come down South further than London (he's put on Death Before Dishonor, Ritual and Billy The Kid from Puerto Rico in the last year), at venue's such as The RAFA club and Tap N Tin (both in Chatham).

Although his shows do really well it's because of people traveling all over Kent for them, local people will only come out if their fucking mate's band are playing or, because John tries to just do all ages shows, little Metal kids who can't get in anywhere else, but I'm not one to judge, I came from a Metal background myself, today's Grebos are tomorrow's Hardcore kids.

The bands coming out of our area range from...

Pay No Respect (Heavy Beatdown)

Breaking The Day (Deathcore)

Take Courage (straight up Hardcore Punk)

One local band set to blow up is Feed The Rhino, who kind of sound like a cross between Gallows and Converge.

They've just signed a deal with In At The Deep End Records and are touring really hard.

Going further down South to Canterbury, which back in the early 2000's had a world famous (well nationally well known at least) Straight Edge Scene, but sadly it died away but some bands are keeping the spirit alive...

Cold Snap

Never Again

Artwork: Luke

Breaking Point

This kid called Bob runs PD Promotions and puts on most of the shows at The Chantry Social Club (bands such as The Effort, La Dispute and Skare Tactic), sometimes with the help of Jaime who runs Fist In The Air records out of Herne Bay.

Artwork: bigxtom

Down to Margate (or Marghetto as the local kids call it) my friend Sam runs a really great Grind/Thrashcore DIY label and distro Keep Screaming Records, he also plays drums and sings for two man Powerviolence racket Face Of Death and puts on really great, intimate shows at Beau's Practice Rooms, puting on fine underground bands like Diet Pills, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Battle Of Wolf 359 and Resurrectionists from Germany.

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