Sunday, 27 June 2010

Indonesia - Jakarta

Always a pleasure to hear news from Indonesia...Dr. Iman speaks with so much experience of the posi is so uplifting to see that sxe is so strong!

I’m living in the capital city of Indonesia, which is called Jakarta, in East district...Jakarta HxC scene it’s a huge scene. You can imagine, in the late 90’s era of Jakarta Underground Music, all the people who were into Hardcore Music would go to one place...

Jakarta has 5 district which are East Jakarta, West, North, South, and Center. And also increasing by three new big district around Jakarta, which are Depok, Bekasi and Tanggerang and each district has a lot of hardcore bands, with different characters, sounds, style, it's a personal things, they are free to choose. And also subcultures are growing so fast like Straight Edge, Vegan, etc

I started to listening Hardcore-Punk in the era 90’s, when i was in junior high school, and when I was in High School made a band with my friends called Strong Arm, covered some US HxC bands such Minor Threat, Blag Flag, Warzone, Up Front, etc.

I saw a lot of things happen, especially the people, a lot of changes. In 1993-1999 there were several special places to put on hardcore gigs like POSTER CAFE, HD CAFE, LIPSTICK, M CLUB in Blok M, GOR Pondok Kelapa, etc and was amazing...

And up to now, I’m still with a band called VICTORIOUS, its kinda family project, all the members are my family, then also my latest band, FOR GOOD REASON, that wanna make a reunion...and anyway at the same time I write a blog, I’m also writing guitar tabs, and some composition.

Jakarta has a lot of amazing bands, and also they have gone on national and international tours across Asia. I will mention a few of my fave Jakarta HxC bands who still exist...

FINAL ATTACK (hard hittin Jakarta HxC band, with deep low noise, and scream so loud)

SENSE OF PRIDE (modern and old skool style HxC, with high-pitched voice)

GRAVE DANCERS (wow, this one of my fave hardcore crossover...)

Artwork: A.Z.E.R

STRAIGHT ON VIEW (cool dude...old skool style)

TAKE DOWN (modern sound, new skool??? Naah, remind me of some European HxC bands, nice crew and fun)

RAIN COAT (alright, classic, sing a long, pointing finger, fast, posi...)

STRAIGHT ANSWER (old guys, great music, never surrender HxC ? ... new material's really cool)

BRAVE HEART (modern sound, brave sound, forthright lyrics, sing a long, great SxE band)

DEAD PITS ( what a old skool sing a long parts)

THINKING STRAIGHT (and old epic SxE band from Depok City Crew, their guitar player is one of my fave guitar player, best friend ever...)

Design: Bled Art

All these bands are my friends...we have known each other from the start.

Here are also some labels and merch...




I hope everyone in the world can see and enjoy...

And oh I almost forgot, I’m also writing some blogs...



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