Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Kazakhstan - Almaty

I’m from Almaty, Kazakhstan. Our hc scene is just starting because we only got interested 1 maybe 2 years ago. There is a poor variety of punk or hardcore bands in our area. And it means that we have a very small number of gigs…

There was a concert on 30th of April, and bands represented many different styles. Like screamo, melodic hardcore, d-beat and neocrust, thrashcore… But there is just one scream band, one neocrust band, one band, which plays oldschool hc or maybe hardcore punk. My band “Plastic Army” plays melodic hardcore, now we are trying modern hc… I hope some day numbers will rise up very fast.

Our local community is very weak, because it is just made up of our bands. We try to be true hc kids who know much about punk unity and other things, but you know, anyone who calls himself a motherfucking hardcore kid is nothing without his own strong community…

But there is good unity in Karaganda – another city in our state. There are about a dozen guys, who listen to the hc, punk rock, psychobilly, crust, and so on. But they have a very strong connection with each other, they take care of their unity, their lifestyles, position, behavior, this all is on-going. I admire them. This doesn’t mean that we are just a bunch of loosers here in Almaty. No. But they are strong by their unity. So we are trying to create our own.

Our DIY impulse appears in making t-shirts, organizing some gigs. And we have spent our own money making some audio recordings, some albums or EPs, to make designed CDs with our music, to spread it to lots of listeners. Sometimes we try to return our spent money, selling CDs.

I hope in the near future we will have some action, protests, meetings, we will help some animal asylum or orphanage. As you see, we still have a lot work to do…

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