Saturday, 5 June 2010


I'm from Porto, north of the country, and since late eighties / early nineties there's a hardcore scene in Portugal. It all started in the capital Lisbon, in the center, with bands like:



New Winds


They started to pass their message and had some fun. There were a lot bands starting and splitting up, there were times that bands and zones were in conflict, but with time passing by the problems were solved, and despite all the hypocrisy, there's a big union between the north and south. And of course there are times when the scene is less active but it never dies and it keeps on growing and moulding through times, there's always something happening.

South - Algarve - bigger straight edge scene -

Pointing Finger RIP

Broken Distance RIP

Devil in Me

Critical Point


Center - Lisbon - a bit of everything Boston and NYHC style, sxe, punk/hc -

For the Glory

Day of the Dead RIP

Reaching Hand

Reality Slap

Wise Up

Never Fail

No Good Reason

North - Porto -

Killing Frost

Step Back

No Forgiveness RIP

North - Viana do Castelo - punk/trash/hc -

Mr. Miyagi

The Walking Dead


Booking and labels - most of them are booking and label agents that's why I have mixed them all -

Anomalia Productions

Fight Club Shows

Fatneck Bookings

Freebase PT Records

Hell Xis Agency

I CAN SEE U Productions

Impact Bookings

Infected Records

Oh Damn! Productions

Massmurder Booking

Predator Bookings

Ragingplanet Records

Sink or Swim Produções

Take The Risk Records

THC Bookings

Xuxa Jurássica Produções

Young Heart Bookings

Juicy Records

Fanzines - over time there have been a lot of fanzines, but I can just remember these two, they are the ones that have been in the scene for a long time -


Wake Up and Live Fanzine

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