Tuesday, 1 June 2010

UK - Birmingham

I live in Alcester but its a small town so there is no scene here at all, but we are pretty close to Birmingham, England's second largest city. Despite the size of population and the class of people that live here (generally working class in an industrial city, beat down by life, you'd think suited to the message of hardcore) there is not much of a hardcore following.

There are a few promotors around the area, who work hard to get a turn out, but often I find myself feeling bad for bands who have travelled half way round the world, only to play infront of 20 people, eg: when Outbreak played, small turnout and it seemed a lot came for Smartbomb :s This happens regularly.

One of the main promotors is also really into christianity which sucks as everytime you go to one of their shows you feel they are trying to push their beliefs onto you and you are funding something you don't stand for. It's ridiculous as the promotor two steps to songs like No Faith by DTN, obviously oblivious to the lyrics "You won't ever see me falling to my knees, I won't live for something that I can't see". They also usually have a load of metal bands on the bill as this is the only way to draw a crowd and make any money.

lol I sound really down on the Birmingham scene but I just don't feel religion belongs in hardcore. There are plus points though, Birmingham has seen a lot of great shows and massive names in hardcore.

Another much better promotor is Second City Hardcore.

Graphic: Mark Locash

They only put on hardcore bands at small venues and aren't in it for profit, the way hardcore shows should be run. They know how to look after the bands and always get good feedback.

Probably the biggest problem for hardcore in Birmingham is the lack of a decent venue. We have no home. we have been banned from countless pubs for damage to property etc. Current venues include Eddie's, but this has no atmosphere and a raised stage putting the crowd out of touch with the bands. The Flapper and Firkin is probably the best venue, but these shows are few and far between.

Bands local to us are..

All City Uproar RIP (Evesham) . I believe a member has a new project in South Africa - Conqueror

There aren't really too many others that are worth mentioning although Losing Sight seem to improve everytime they play.

That's about it!

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