Friday, 23 July 2010

Peru - Lima 2 (Part 2)

Lima 2 (Part 1)

We don´t have so many bands as we like, but I can give mention to Alhambre with an old school sound, I could say is the most representative band of our scene with Desarme. They have recorded 2 demos and a CD called Los Primeros Años, and have just recorded a new record which will be out next month.

Another band to mention is Desarme which is the oldest band of our scene. They were formed in 1989, with an old school crossover sound they played a couple of times with Agnostic Front in Lima and have 3 CDs called Es tu Error, Corrosión en la Nación, and the last launched 3 months ago called Involución.

Paroximia is a great band too. They are a mix of sounds and influences so is a band really hard to define, but I can say you will like them. They have a split demo with Contracultura, and a CD called Sombras Caen. They will be produce a 7” soon it will be called Resistir.

Nada que Ocultar is a really young band and they are producing a demo that will be out really soon. They have been playing for a couple of years now and have had a really cool response from the kids, influenced by Outspoken, Eleven Thirty-Four and Battery. It is a really cool band of our scene.

Conflicto Urbano is another really young band who caused some controversy when they were interviewed cuz they have a tough guy attitude and are extremely direct in their declarations, with influences like Madball and Agnostic Front their sound and their lyrics talk about hard life and personal problems. They have just realeased a self-titled CD.

And finally I can mention to Círculo Eterno, another new band influenced strongly by bands like Unbroken, Mean Season and 108. Their personal and spiritual lyrics make this band a great alternative in our scene.

Here in Perú almost everything about the scene is DIY. There are no big labels or promoters, the bands record, produce and sell their records and merch, the shows are organized by the kids or the bands, bands members have regular jobs, anyone is a “professional musician”, but we have a Distro called Contraorden Discos who edit southamerican versions of some USA and European bands, and, distribute local bands' records outside our country.

When we book an international show in Lima, we use the name of Million Days Booking but this is not an enterprise itself.

There are a couple of zines...

We are Revenge

xEach Dayx

and 3 blogzines which make notes and interviews almost strictly about our scene and sometimes with news about southamerican bands.

Lima Hardcore


Never Lose

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