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Chile 3

Chile 2

This report was written by Felipe who writes the blog WITH A MIND.

Good bands from the beginning of this decade...



"Renacer" (1999) - great album.

These days the more important bands are...

AGAINST ALL MY FEARS "XXVII" (2008) - great album from Amendment Records for fans of 90s band Unbroken, Snapcase & Refused.

REMISSION "Accept" (2009) - another great realese from Amendment Records for fans of Verbal Assault, One Step Ahead.

TIEMPOS DE HONOR is another band for fans of Strife, Earth Crisis, intense and political hardcore, for fans of mosh and Karl Marx. This year they release a split 7" (for Heretic Records) with the band EMPATIA (from Valparaiso) who are an excellent band for fans of Chokehold, Morning Again and other vegan straight edge bands of 90s. Demo 2009

Tiempos de Honor in 2008 released a split with the brazilian band LIVE BY THE FIST (Seven Eight Life Records - Brazil).

Another band is LA MISERIA DE TU ROSTRO - chaotic hardcore for fans of Catharsis. This year they will release "Savia" (Inhumano Records) which is great album with intelligent lyrics.

Another important band is EN MI DEFENSA for fans of Champion and Have Heart. Their last album is "Un sitio bajo el sol" (Redencion Records, Chile)

HOY ES EL DIA is a vegan straight edge band for fans of Brothers Keeper (90s) Chokehold and xveganx bands of 90s. They released an EP in 2008 for Redencion Records.

DISTANCIA is a hardcore punk band of Santiago. Their last realese is "Estilo de vida de medicores y cobardes".

IN OUR HEARTS is another band of Santiago, for fans of Shai Hulud and Strongarm. Their album debut was released in 2009.

All the bands listed above are from Santiago, the capital of Chile.

In the regions are excellent bands such as:

ABOLICION (Talca, VII Region) for fans of Verse and modern hardcore bands, very political lyrics.

They both released a split this year.

TEMPEST (Concepcion, VIII Region) for fans of Shield and Temperance Demo

IDENTIDAD (Talca, VII Region) for fans of In My Eyes, Better Than a Thousand. This year they released a 7" (Lillo Records)

BLINDSIDE (Concepcion, VIII Region) for fans of Strife and Undertow demo 2008

RENUNCIO A ESTO (Iquique, I Region) "Los Procesos del Silencio"

Here are some reviews of two of the most important bands of ConcepciĆ³n (eighth region of Chile).
Both reviews are written by members of the bands.


Nov11 was a band that was born in mid-2003 showing a more political character in their hardcore. Their first demo was released in 2004. The name of the band is related to a historical fact Chile on November 11, 1983. Their second album was an EP called “Cria cuervos y te comeran los ojos”. Today the band plays some shows, but is not 100% active.


Martir is currently one of the most active bands in Concepcion. Very intense, with lyrics in the vein of Unbroken, 7 Generations and Outspoken. Their lyrics speak of social discontent and Straightedge. The band have played together for a couple of years and have two releases. First a demo, and one split with AboliciĆ³n. Within weeks they will begin recording their album.

If you like, you can visit:

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The important labels:

Heretic Records

reusa records

Amendment Records

Seven Eight Life Records

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