Sunday, 17 April 2011

Festival - Underground No. 14, Timisoara

"The Legend of Romanian alternative culture, the Underground Timisoara Festival 2011 is an explosion of rhythm and live electronics, psychedelic rock and punk attitude.

It’s a total madness, a gathering of freaks from all over Europe (Roma, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Timisoara… :); a gathering of all those that are ‘on the edge’ in the ‘alternative scene’. It’s more than one could expect from this festival which was reborn in 2009.

Fred Frith, Tristan Tzara, William Burroughs invite you personally also to the 14th edition.

See playlist and prepare backpack cause in 20-21.05.2011 we´ll see you in RECLAIM! Underground Timisoara Festival no. 14!!! First punk festival in Romania ever!

Vineri. Friday. 20.05.2011.

OVO (italy) …the sludge from outer space.
NO NEBRASKA (germany) …free-jazz/noise punk with bass-clarinet.
C-UTTER (spain) …industrial/noise anarchopunk performance.
VELVET CONDOM (germany) …electro-pop/shoegaze.
THE :EGOCENTRICS (romania) …space-doom-psych-rock-jam.
ETEREA POST BONG BAND (italy) …industrialien post (bong) rock.
BENZO DIAZEPINE (france) …indus cyberpunk cabaret performance.
THE BAD DAYS WILL END (romania) …situationist sludgegazer post-punk
NOMEGA (romania) …experimental noise/rock.

Sambata. Saturday. 21.05.2011.

LA FRACTION (france) …legends of french & european punk rock!!!
BELGRADO (spain) …grrrll fronted after-punk.
INFERNO (italy) …sci-fi grind’n’roll.
HIROSHIMA ROCKS AROUND (italy)…violent noise rock.
HAOS (romania) …20 years of punk rock.
MC BROKO (czech republic) …breakcore/crust.
KRANK PERFORMERS (france) …performance: cyberpunk robots.
CREUTZFELDT JACKY (austria) …surrealist mix of 8-Bit techno-punk.
PT BURNEM (usa) …baltimore independent rap.
FAULENZA (germany) …acoustic anarchopunk.
BHC SOUNDSYSTEM (serbia) …banat hardcore dub/reggae.
LIVIA SURA (romania) …blakened sludge crust.

Soon we will post the full program… with the rest of activities planned."

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