Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Croatia 3

Croatia 2

Bands you should check out are:

Declaration - maybe the best HC band in Cro these days, infulenced by Champion, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Youth of Today, RKL (Zagreb)

Razlog ZA - legendary oldschool HC, maybe the best known band from Cro (Kutina)

Socijalna Sluzba -new band and most popular band these days

AK 47 - legendary anarcho crust hc band

Deafness by Noise - legendary NYHC type band in Cro. (Zagreb)

Vaseline Children - only sxe from Cro.

Senata Fox - famous and notable grindcore hc band

Nulla Osta - also notable D-beat\hardcore (Pula)

Motus - also one of the most famous and oldest HC bands in Cro. (Zagreb)

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