Monday, 9 August 2010

Festival - Assis, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2

Festival - Assis, Sao Paulo, Brazil 1

It was a great festival, the kids came from all around... rockers, skaters, punks, headbangers, hippies, b-boys, veggies, artists (stickers, graffiti, wheat paste, artisans), as I told you, there are no options for the kids in this town, and we are few, but when we get together we can do great things.

But a very very sad thing happened, and I don't think we will be able to use that place again, not for a while, and sure I'm not going to make that V/A to raise money to reform the building...

As I said before, that building is ruled by a Samba School, and there are two old guys taking care of the place. They are really cool, but when one drinks he becomes another person. Part of the building is also used by a football team, and some of the players were there too enjoying the party... that drunk samba guy got mad for some reason around 9:30pm, and he was trying to expel the kids from there. I calmed him down and he was ok, but then a drunk football player come to say that this samba guys isn't the boss there, that he can't expel the kids from there, and I said I had already talked to him and he was ok now but I think the samba guy heard the football player talking with me, so he came all mad to talk with him and they started to yell with each other, and that samba guy had a gun, the footballer said he had one too (but I think he was just bluffing) and some kid ran to where the bands were playing and took the mic and said that there was two armed drunks fighting down stairs, and everyone ran off, carrying the musical instruments and the sound system. In 3 minutes there wasn't a soul there, just those drunks fighting, and some minutes later the cops showed up, and I don't know what happened then. I went there the next day to take my power cables and the lights but nobody was there.

Man, that's very frustrating, we can never have a place to ourselves! We can't have gigs in the suburbs cause the neighbors call the cops, we can't use our Community Center cause they think rock is a devil thing. I've already got to talk with some city councilman and they all do nothing! They just use that fake smile and say they will do something for us but they don't really give a fuck! AHHH!! I'm really mad!

I'm kind of "low-spirited" but the struggle goes on!

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