Friday, 6 August 2010

Japan 3

Japan 2

Japanese HC (not music wise) but people involved/mentality wise is so fucking weird it hurts.

Don't get me wrong, people are really nice people. I love some of these dudes, they are really nice kids. Just the Japanese idea of punk in general is very very very twisted :)

In a nutshell Japanese kids don't speak any English. 90%+ can only understand "fuck you" and "thank you" and maybe "hello" so they copy the visual and music aspects of the US/Euro HC so that they look and sound OK but the whole thing lacks any substance. It's just dumb as fuck.

I want to listen to a band that has something to say. Something I can relate to. Like I grew up listening to bands that had something to say and I could sing along to the lyrics...

The Clash

Stiff Little Fingers



and then there were the DC/Boston/CT/NY HC bands...

Bad Brains

Minor Threat



Youth of Today


But the language barrier is not what pisses me off themost about the scene here. It's the mentality.

Take an average HC kid in Europe or US that is over 25 years old and has been in HC for 5 years +
I will bet you that in 80%+ their mentality will be set at creativeness, expressing their own shit, and generally being pro-alternative, anti-mainstream so their set of morals/state of mind would be like the total opposite to the dude who goes to Britney Spears and fucking I dont know Lady Gaga gigs whereas in Japan a guy who goes to a J-pop gig to see Ayumi Hamasaki or some other turd and a guy who goes to a TERROR gig (whenever they come to play) - its the same dude. That's why you have shit like groupies at HC shows here, autograph signing, general idolism and all the stuff that I generally hate about music. All those things are acceptable in here.

Yet another thing that I think is weird is this obsession with COPYING something. A lot of bands here don't try to have their own sound, or their own look but instead they try to copy the best they can some band A or band B and tey try to sound and look exactly like them to the point that they watch videos of those bands and try to copy clothes, moves and what not. Pretty fucking stupid if you ask me. That's why I don't really care for any of the newer HC bands all that much with few minor exceptions.

This is my take on the JP HC scene that I participated in as a sideline observer for quite a few years now. It's not a rant on any particular band or person and it does not portray the 100% accurate picture of Japanese HC. I just highlighted some things that are part of the greater picture and in my personal opinion are pretty ridiculous.

It's different to the idea of punk/HC I grew up with but it's a different culture and people have different mindsets / sets of values so I'm not saying it's good or bad. These are just my personal observations.

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