Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Belgium 2

Belgium 1

I am from Willebroek. That's about 15 kilometers from Antwerp. In my area the hxc scene is ok. It's more active in eastern and western Belgium, places like Brugge, Ieper, Hasselt & Mol. But that's bullshit actually. Belgium is a small country, for me it's one big scene. Too bad not everybody thinks like that. I don't get the point of stuff like H8000. Why would you want to differentiate from other areas? Often they feel themselves better and 'more hardcore' than others if you get what I mean.

About bands... Everybody knows Rise And Fall and The Setup I guess.

True Colors RIP was big too. They played their last show in May.

A few years ago a band named Justice RIP called it quits. It was kinda an end of an era after these bands stopped playing too...

Dead Stop RIP

Restless Youth RIP

We have some awesome upcoming bands to. Check them out...

Midnight Souls (think Modern Life Is War)

Worms Feed (think Converge)

Daggers (think Cursed)

Artwork: dromsjel

Some cool zines:


Some Will Never Know

Against the Haze


Just Say Yo!

Artwork: Freak City Designs


Powered Records
And there are a few smaller labels.


The Pit's

The Frontline

Lintfabriek is quit a legendary venue in Belgium. It had to close because it was not fireproof.


Genet Records. It's a label too. They are behind Ieperfest together with Vort'n Vis.

xEntedonx. They organised Moshvalleyfest twice. Coolest fest I have ever been to.

Breakout Shows

Perspective Bookings

Heartbreak Tunes

Belgium has an active hardcore scene. A lot of young bands, promotors,... But it's getting more difficult to attract a lot of people when you haven't booked a deathwish or B9 band. Kids are getting lazy I guess.

I guess activities beyond music are scarce. A lot of people have a right idea of living and they stick to that. They don't do drugs, animal abuse, racism and so on. But I haven't seen a lot of kids who take action together.

Ieperfest has a more than music stage (spoken words, interviews, movies, organisations). Every year they manage to open a lot of eyes.

Bigger fests as Break Out, Ieperfest, Moshvalley Fest provide vegan food. These are some motivated people making vegan meals at fests and shows: Ferm & Fameus.

Almost forgot this. Something I have to mention: Biteback is an organisation fighting for animal rights. "because animals don't speak". They get a lot of support. As I said, a lot of people are thinking the right way but they don't take action. When some of them do, like Bite Back, support is no problem.

I have the feeling I still forgot some things...


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