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Poland - Lublin 2


OK so besides the "crust-punk" bands from our local venue Tektura, and not to speak about other bands playing different kinds of hardcore like NYC, Boston or Cleveland, I will tell you!

The first bands playing hardcore were...

FEEL LIKE SHIT (1991-92)


I will tell you more about a second band later but FLS didn't play too long.

Sooo why not a first sXe band in our region called...

NOWA DROGA (1992-94)

Good music, lots of fun and skateboarding! xNowa Drogax formed in 92' playing old school melodic-hardcore inspired by american bands like Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits or Token Entry. They were 16 year old friends that didn't care about politics or religion. Straight Edge and friendship was what mattered to them.

In '93 they recorded a demo tape that wasn't as good as it should have been because of bad mixing but anyway what they presented live was without a doubt a good fuckin sXe hardcore! Because of their "controversial" style, local punks didn't give them too much love haha! Fuck that! One of first and best sXe band in Poland straight from Lublin. They will kick your xassssx.

In the meantime PUNISHMENT (1992-93) a crossover band was formed.

There was some old school hardcore...


UNSILENT (1995-97)

Deep dark hardcore where you can hear a cry of a baby playing hard riffs just like Damnation AD or old Integrity with the Melnick brothers. They released a demo tape by Adam M. on Life Defence presenting pro-life, straight edge and vegan life style.

Worth mentioning are other bands that was part of our scene from other small cities Pulawy and Krasnik.

From Krasnik (around 1990-92)




JUST ANGER 1993-94 Krasnik was just a evolution of a this band with changing one person but still same aspect of the band.

K.U.B.O.N.A. 1993-95 Pulawy


Few kilometers to the east from Lublin is located a city called Swidnik.

Not big with 40 000 people living in it but it has got a few amazing bands inspired by bands from Cleveland like Integrity, Ringworm or holyghost and on the other hand 90's like Strife, Outspoken or Battery. Of course not forgeting bands from NYC or Boston ;)

First and still best from Swidnik isss...

IN HELL 1991-97

Great energy with Leeway/Cro-Mags riff giving you a pure hardcore at gigs! Releasing demo tape with 6 songs and a two bonus songs that you can hear on a Mainman lp. If you want go check them live ==>> here

JUDGE EARTH (1994-95) with a little bit of support from our neighbourhood Swidnik. They played a few gigs and then were history.

MAINMAN (1998-99) Members from In Hell wanted to created new band but after one year playing and realising 4 songs on a cdr with 2 In Hell bonus songs that wasn't published on a demo tape the band ended.

After IN HELL broke up in '97 a long time passed before someone wanted to continue playing like them but around 2002 two bands started...



Artwork: Donek

First band besides that they have amazing sound vocalist and playing cover of Vision of Disorder (probably that was their style) I don't know. But there are others...

Inspired by Integrity (from name of band to a cover "hollow") and other Clevo bands like Ringworm, In Cold Blood or Holyghost. Youth crew was creating good hardcore with great gigs! live 2004 in Krasnik .

You can see on Dancefloor Madness (I recommend that video) what hometown support and what fun that set was!

Having troubles with a members in 2007 it was over for SEA. The rest of a band was trying to play with a new vocalist as GALLERY OF EGO in 2008 but after few gigs it ended.

The next year in July 2009 the three members with a new guitarist and vocalist started to play as...


Agressive hardcore inspired by bands from 90's like Strife or Outspoken giving you amazing gigs was something everyone needed badly in our region! Short songs with fast hardcore tempo ending with one song in our language (which is our local anthem) got very core lyrics and a... saxophone! just like Dog Eat Dog haha check it yourself

Taut - Intro n Blistered (Strife)

Taut - Only Die Hards Remain (Battery) gittara

Taut (Warsaw support H20) - Intro n Blistered (Strife)

Taut - Jestesmy Razem

Their demo was given for free (300 copies) on their two last shows. Right now they not active but in the future hopefully they will record a full length!

These are bands that are active right now from Lublin with one band that is our local project - HERITAGE

One Day Rise

Started a band in late 2008 with a male vocalist. It was just a matter of few months before they created style that they are playing right now - metalcore band with a female vocalist! They have demo cd-r and a split record with a french hardcore-punk band The Boring. Check them out!

Next month a new band will have a debut...

Desperate Times

Aggressive hardcore with thrash riff inpired by Cro-Mags and Leeway! Straight from Lublin with a vocal from Swidnik hell. They will soon release a demo cd-r that will be produced by a new record label Last Warning.

Also keep an eye on that record label! It's starting next month sooo stay tuned kids!

Posi peace yo!

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  1. A w Crucial Times śpiewał Bobik, tak? I ma ktoś jakąś kasetę, czy tylko pozostają w głowie próby z kościoła...
    Czy może mi się już wszystko po&*^ło, bo to było 100 lat temu.