Friday, 13 August 2010


The scene in Norway is quite small actually, a close-knit community, where almost everybody knows everyone (at least in Oslo). And most of the people who are into hardcore is into various Animal Rights groups. It's cool and all, but I wouldn't mind if more people would come to shows.

These bands sum up Norway pretty well, (I may have left out some bands, but these bands were the first that came to mind, sorry.. )

Common Cause

Death is not Glamorous

Cover: Keith Rosson


Artwork: Esben Titland

Strike a Match (Members from Soulfire and Death is not Glamorous)

Evolve (my band)

Bitter Taste

Almost every show is very DIY, there aren't many venues that book hardcore shows with all ages, so the venues for most punk and hardcore shows in Oslo is at Blitz and Hausmania (two squats).

There hasn't been any zines released for awhile, not to my knowledge. These are the first two I can come up with...

Sight Beyond Sight

No Cage Is Big Enough (2007/2008?)

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