Saturday, 14 August 2010

Labels - Désordre Ordonne/L'oeil du Tigre

Anyway, as you probably know, where's that deerhead? is dead now. The label has existed for 5 years and we released 13 cassettes...

I'm now involved in two new projects that take almost all my time :

Désordre Ordonne
It's a new complete DIY cassette label, just like where's that deerhead, the only difference is that i'm running it alone
...I have 3 releases already and some more planned for soon.

L'oeil du Tigre
It's a collective regrouping where's that deerhead, Désordre Ordonne and Mon oeil. We are 4 friends running it, we organise shows, releases CDs and vinyl and have lots of fun ! We released a Kraken LP this week that is now available on our website.

Stay curious !


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