Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Label - ZX Tapes

ZX Tapes started up as a smaller outlet for small bands, artists from all genres of music. So i asked around a few local forums for people to donate their old tapes they had in their attics or basements so i could recycle them and put some great tunes out on. And from there the recycled ethos continued through the packaging, using anything i had around my flat for packaging like cans of beans, bubble wrap, foam wrap from a 4-track i got off Ebay and even some sticks i got from the park.

Previous releases have ranged from drone/noise/hardcore/powerviolence/improv music, again putting out really awesome bands and people that have a love and passion of the music they do and for music in general.

At present not much is going on as my tape player broke! So while i get a new one i am taking a break. :)

Coming up next is a Laptop release for a noise guy called Narshe. It will be two of my old smahed up laptops that don't work and sprayed up with a Narshe logo on them. There will also be 25 tapes in a black sprayed, sealed cd wallet.

The future will consist of more tapes in odd packages, trying to keep a bit of fun into life! My tapes aren't always hugely polished or refined but at the end of the day it's all about whats on the tape.

Jon x

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