Friday, 13 August 2010

Label - Obi Wahn

Obi Wahn simply started after the demise of my old label yehonala tapes ... it was called peace tree tapes before that and had around 5 releases out ... it was started to put out the first henry fonda releases as i didn't want to release them through yehonala ...

It's mostly short run stuff and i don't release bands that i dont know in real life ... i don't do trades and mailorder because its simply a pain in the ass after a while ... so everything happens only in real life ... i mostly trade and sell those tapes on tour ... this was started in 2009 or 2008 i guess ... i can't remember ...

So far i have put out releases from these bands and they are are all sold out ...


henry fonda

Napoleon Dynamite - nur hits

guillotine - s/t (co op with kill the hype)

Tim K



Some of these releases can be picked up at henry fonda shows or from bis aufs messer store or spastic fantastic records ... like i said i hate mailorder :-)

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... all great ...


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